The 32 crore Devis (Gods) and Devtas (Godesses) and the extravagant celebrations that we Indians participate in are a proof of joy and gaiety all the year round. Lakshmi Pooja or the Festival of lights is one such period in the lives of each one of us. The celebrations atrt right one month before Diwali and probably doesn’t even end after it when we plan for the next one.

The celebrations mark the Amavasya of Kartik Month, which is a galore of stories from the mythology. Goddess Lakshmi, the heavenly consort of Lord Vishnu (creator of the Universe according to Vishnu Purana), is known to bestow us with good health , beuty and prosperity. Also Known as Sri or Wealth, Diwali prayers are meant to seek her blessings before starting a new Financial Year and pay gratitude for the year passed.

As such, everyone welcomes the Goddess with lighting Diyas and lamps after cleaning and whitewashing their houses. According to the Scriptures, the day is said to be the one when Goddess Lakshmi was churned out of the ocean (Samudra Manthan)  by Devtas and Rakshasas who were looking for the drink of immortality. Thus, this day is also know as the birth of Goddess Lakshmi.

The Lakshmi Pooja is a bountiful event, where whole family gathers around the idols of Lakshmi and Ganesh. A ‘hattri’ or House like structure is filled with sweets, toys and specially made namkeens (snacks).  New Coins( represent Lakshmi or wealth) are added to the family treasure and washed with milk, itr, kesar, curd and other items that together make ‘charnamarat’ or ‘prasad’ representative of nectar of Life.

This year with Diwali, we at SHRI further our goals to achieve ‘Prosperity for All’ with a Bigger, Bolder and Brighter approach in an initiative to connect with technology and knowledge for all.

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